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The Sedona Canada Principles
The Sedona ConferenceĀ® Cooperation Proclamation
Electronic Discovery Reference Model
eDiscovery Case Law Digest
Model E-Discovery Precedents, prepared by the Ontario E-Discovery Implementation Committee. Drafts published in June 2007.
National Model Practice Direction For the Use of Technology in Civil Litigation, from CJC
Proportionality and Professionalism, The Advocates Journal, March 2009. The Honourable Warren K. Winkler, Chief Justice of Ontario.  This article is adapted from a presentation made at the American College of Trial Lawyers Annual Meeting in Toronto on September 26, 2008.
The 'Next Big Thing' in E-Discovery? April 14, 2009, Leonard Deutchman. "Depending upon your perspective, early case assessment, a process through which reviewers try to define the universe of potentially responsive electronically stored information as quickly and, probably most importantly, cheaply as possible, is either the "next big thing" or the "present big thing" in e-discovery."
eDiscovery - Did You Know? February 11, 2010. Jason R. Baron and Ralph C. Losey collaborated to create a "Did You Know?" type of music video on electronic discovery law.

More good information is available on Electronic Discovery - A Reading List (PracticePRO website)

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