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Overview of Services

  • Scoping, planning and management of electronic discovery projects
  • Cost-benefit analyses of different approaches to collection, processing and review suited to the nature of the litigation and the amount in dispute (right-sizing)
  • Development and implementation of governance policy, process and procedure structures
  • Definition of client appropriate technology solutions and environments for information management and electronic discovery;
  • Development of Risk based models for the efficient management of information and mitigation of information risk;
  • Management of implementation teams for information management and electronic discovery projects
E-discovery dispute resolution
as an IT expert
E-discovery project management litigation
  • Investigates discovery disputes
  • Interviews IT staff at each party to identify and document sources of data and estimate volumes to inform decisions about preservation, collection
  • Documents scope for preservation, collection and processing
  • Proposes alternatives for processing, review and production to streamline cost and time
  • Evaluating the marginal utility of collecting, processing, reviewing and producing different sources of information
  • Determining with client IT and counsel the necessary preservation actions and documenting the decisions
  • Development of a work plan and schedule 
  • Analysis with client IT and counsel of requirements for outside services and/or software tools
  • Preparation of request for bids and analysis of responses, with recommendation of best fit for the money
  • Cost and time estimates
  • Project risk assessment and management
  • Team communications, including progress reporting and dashboards
  • Development of discovery plan as required by Rule 29.1
  • Assessment of current end-user and corporate IT practices related to management of information
  • Education related to e-discovery risks associated with IM/IT practices
  • Identification of weaknesses and corrective short-term action if required
  • Work with end-users and IT to understand their business needs and the way they currently use technologies
  • Work collaboratively with end-users and IT/Records to develop IM processes and policies that are adapted to the way they need to work
  • Recommendations regarding implementation of new IM tools or adaptation of existing tools
  • Project management
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